Code of Conduct

Aerofest is dedicated to providing a harassment free, fun but safe environment for everyone to enjoy! We expect all event attendees to be respectful towards other people and their property at all times and will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour in any form.

These are some things you should adhere to when at Aerofest:

  • Be inclusive, considerate and respectful to others & remember to choose your words carefully!

  • Drink responsibly, drugs are prohibited and will not be tolerated!

  • Wear your wristband at all times

  • Drive safely to, from and during the Festival

  • Respect the need of sleep, especially in the camping zones between 12am – 7 am we don’t want anyone burning out!

  • Support our environmental efforts and leave the site clean and clear of rubbish please use the bin bags provided

  • Feel free to use BBQs

  • Parents, please be responsible for your children – especially those under the age of eight!

  • Please clear up after your children and dogs!

  • Please be mindful of all the costs and efforts that go into

  • Aerofest and respect all Aerofest property with due care and attention

  • Eat, Drink, Dance and have a lot of fun!  

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