What drinks can I bring?
Bring whatever you wish, free drinks will be served at the Marquee from 5 till 12. There are also standpipes that contain free drinking water in the campsite, please bring a plastic container that you can refill.

Can I take a BBQ?
You can take a small portable BBQ.

What size tent can I bring?
Any size is fine.

What size camping pitches?
There is no specific size unless you are in a camper-van.

Do I have to stop at the official campsite?
Although we encourage you to stop where all the action is, there are many local hotels you can book into.


General Information

Setting Up
There will be no official stewarding for plot allocation, but please see the Site Map for a general guide. Please avoid using the Family Camping Zone, unless required.

Parents, please be aware that you are solely responsible for your children at all times and that all adventures are undertaken with your full permission. Children's films will be shown during the weekend in the Children's Media Tent.

If bringing a dog please be considerate to others, taking full responsibility of your animal's behaviour and waste.


Health & Safety
Fire extinguishers are placed in various positions within the marquee. Please familiarise yourself with both their locality and the Fire Points in the unlikely event of a fire, also familiarise yourself with the designated First Aid point.

Open Fires
Please take extra precaution when cooking outdoors. All fires must be well away from tents, and at least 4 inches off the ground with sufficient water on hand should the need arise.

Please note that both marquees are non-smoking. There is a designated Smoking Area that is clearly marked and we politely request that you refrain from dropping your cigarette ends on the floor. Please use the bins provided for all rubbish.

The main road, which provides access to Redbrook, is extremely busy. There is a very real danger when exiting the driveway whilst towing, so please call the central number to request assistance for a safe start to your journey home.

Assembly Points & Security
In the event of an emergency please leave what you are doing and assemble at the designated emergency point. Please be aware that your car/caravan belongings are left at your own risk.

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